4 Essential books for Python Cyber Security

2 min readOct 23, 2022

Are you a Python programmer or have you just started your career path of becoming a Cybersecurity expert? Then this article covers 4 essential books for Python Cybersecurity.

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1 - Violent Python

Amazon book link: https://amzn.to/3eZqEJV

Violent Python shows you how to move from a theoretical understanding of offensive computing concepts to a practical implementation. This book teaches you how to develop your own cybersecurity tools e.g. PortScanner, Visual Network Tracker and Anonymous FTP Scanner. By developing your own scripts you get a deeper understanding of how the tools work and how they can be tweaked to certain situations. To get the most out of this book it’s recommended that you have general understanding of Python the programming language.

2 - Black Hat Python

Amazon book link: https://amzn.to/3sjTesm

Black Hat Python is another great book which teaches you how to develop your own Python security scripts. It includes a wide range of pentesting tutorials which can be used for offense and defense. e.g. network sniffers, how to steal email…




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