Robot Dog Guarding the Ancient City of Pompeii

2 min readApr 24, 2022

You might have heard about the ancient Roman city of Pompeii which was struck by a catastrophy around 2000 years ago when the vulcan Vesuv erupted and covered the city with ash, killing everyone in the city. But what is no longer ancient in the city is their new guard dog.

Due to ash covering the city following the volcanic eruption , Pompeii is one of a very few ancient cities left which has been well preserved and thereby offers a unique oppourtunity for archaeologist to learn about the lifestyle and building techniques of ancient romans. But as with the pyramids such places often attracts people with the wrong intentions. For decades thieves and tomb raiders have used tunnels to plunder the ancient city. Such activities are often hard to stop but with recent advances in robotics and AI the new director of the Pompeii Archaeological Site, might have found a solution to this problem Using the robot like dog named Spot.

Spot is an agile mobile robot developed by Boston Dynamic that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently. For more information about spot see Boston Dynamics official webpage:

Along with Spot an aerial drone is patrolling the city keeping it safe from unwanted guests along with keeping an eye out for damage done by tourists visiting the city, so that restoration can take place.

This is unique example of how advanced technology can help us preserve the world around us and it showcases that there is no limit to the ways in which technology can help humanity.

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